Le vendredi 20 décembre 2019 à partir de 19h

Friday Movie Night - In English, please !

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(Sending a text message ...) Hey. How are you? I was wondering if you wanted to go to the movies together on the 29th? We can watch something in English (subtitled in French) at Klub Cinema in the city center of Metz? We could also grab some popcorn and drinks and then maybe after the movie we could talk about it around a cup of coffee? Nan? What do you think? Let me know! ??

P.S. I’ll post the movie choices and time the Wednesday before and finalise the choice on Friday morning (on social media)

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Tarif normal | 8, 90€, Tarif réduit | 7, 40€, Tarif moins de 14 ans | 5, 50€, Tarif 3D | + 1€, 10 places (carte KLUB) | 65€ (soit 6, 50€ la place valables 1 an).

Lieu : Klub

Adresse : Place Saint-Jacques

Ville : Metz

Quartier : Quartier Centre et ancienne Ville

Département : Moselle

Région : Grand Est

Pays : France

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